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Emily Andrews
Deputy Director of Evidence
Emily leads Ageing Better’s work to build the evidence of what works to support people to enjoy later life.

Emily is responsible for leading our evidence team. She is on secondment from her role as Senior Evidence Manager, where she leads all of the evidence work under our priority goal of ‘Fulfilling work’ – making sure we have the right information to understand how to get more people aged 50 to 69 into fulfilling work.

Before joining Ageing Better, Emily was an Associate Director at the Institute for Government, where she spent two years leading their Performance Tracker – a data driven analysis of nine key public services (from social care, to schools, to prisons). She is still keenly interested in public spending decisions and their implications.

Emily holds a PhD in History from the University of Warwick. Her thesis – ‘Senility before Alzheimer’ – explored old age and dementia in Victorian Britain. She began her career as a secondary school teacher in London